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What is Embrace L.I.F.E.?
Embrace L.I.F.E. is a 365 -day undated lifestyle and wellness planner designed to help people live in freedom everyday by mapping and defining their ideal life on paper. It helps keep track of how you are spending your time whether it be at work, play or fitness.

What you will find inside:
⋄Daily and weekly focus
⋄Work calendar (schedule your appointments, meetings, events, meals and snacks)
⋄Inspirational quotes
⋄Health and wellness quotes
⋄Brainstorm Bubble to doodle and jot down daily thoughts and ideas
⋄Aha moments (what did you learn or what could you have done better?)
⋄Food and Fitness Forecast
⋄Grocery list (Helps with meal planning)
⋄Work and personal to do lists
⋄Blessing Box (Reflections…what are you grateful for?)
⋄Monthly Musings (Reflect upon your successes, setbacks, and the areas that need redefining so you can create a better strategy to meet your objectives for the following month.)
⋄Life’s Blueprint (a step by step goal setting and mind mapping model)

What better way to manage and evaluate your progress than on paper.


What are the benefits of the Embrace L.I.F.E. Lifestyle and Wellness Planner?

1. Organization-One place to store all of your thoughts, dreams, work, events, appointments and fitness goals. Writing things down holds you accountable, develops time management, and allows you to declutter our mind and focus on the present.

2. Keeps You Focused-Unexpected situations can occur that will make you lose focus on the tasks at hand. Writing down goals, tasks, and events in the different areas of your life allows you to prioritize and target what’s most important, helps get you back on track, and evaluate whether or not you achieved a positive work, life, and health balance for that day or week.

3. Start at Anytime-52 weeks of planning. No pre-printed dates. Start at anytime. No pressure.

4. Accentuate the Positive-Inspirational posts along with weekly and daily focuses, nutrition and fitness tips found throughout your planner, aha moments, food and fitness forecasts and the blessings box keeps you focused on the positive, have daily reflections, and tracks the progress of how and where your life is going.

5. Big Picture Thinking-Gives you a chance to look at the overall goals and plans for your life through brainstorming, mind mapping and goal setting. You determine the timeline of your plan. A quick jot here or there or having a drawn out plan gets you closer to accomplishing your goals and finding your purpose.

6. Challenge yourself-Did you stay in the box or get out of the box to accomplish what you thought was impossible. Most times you are stronger than you think. Impossible. The word itself says IMpossible. This planner will allow you to look back and see all of the goals you accomplished and the ones you need to refine in pushing yourself a little harder.

7. Be You- Love who you are. See you who are. Define who you are. Enjoy who you are…on paper.


  1. It would be Bermuda MA03, I would even pay the cost. I have been so encouraged by your story and how you continue moving forward, I need to get to that point!

  2. Thank you for your kind words. If you set your mind to doing whatever it is that you want to accomplish, continue to pray about it and never giving up on you no matter how hard it gets, then you can do it too. I made a note to myself to check on Monday to let you know. Have a FITabulous weekend Lenora. Keep shining!

  3. Hello Almetria, Lenora here just checking up regarding posting the journal to Bermuda. It can go regular mail, I will pay the cost for posting if u do not wish

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