facebook_1548872845695Don’t have time to prepare and cook healthy well-balanced meals for you or your family due to your busy work week? Don’t know how? Fit and Fresh Meals are healthy, well balanced and portioned controlled meals for working people on the go. Each meal consists of a lean protein, complex carb, healthy fats and non starchy vegetables or a lean protein, healthy fats and vegetables. We also offer pescatarian, vegetarian and low carb meals. 

How our system works…

Each Sunday, I will update my website with the new menu form for the upcoming week. Payments must be made by 7 pm on Wednesday of the same week in order to secure your spot for the following Sunday’s pick up. Pick up location and time will be emailed/text to you once we receive your order. Containers will be provided for you and they are microwaveable, dishwasher, freezer safe and yours to keep. Here’s to eating happy and healthy! Ask us about our weekly  family meals.

Call us at 901-468-3479 or email us at to schedule a consultation and

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