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png_20230324_090243_0000Lifestyle and Wellness Coach Almetria Turner is a RRCA Certified Adult Distance Running Coach,  RRCA Certified Race Director, USATF Level One Track and Field Coach, USATF Level Two Endurance Coach, NFHS Cross Country Coach, a Level One Certified Running Gait Analyst and a member of Road Runners Club of America, United States of America Track and Field and the Running Industry Diversity Coalition.

If you’re in need of a certified running coach for your corporate wellness program, an individual training plan covering all distances or a certified race director to help you with organizing and promoting a race of any distance, send us an email at for more information.

She is a VCPM,Inc., Team Game Changers Sponsored by Brooks Running, WOC Certified Running Coach Mentor to newly certified WOC RRCA Running Coaches in the areas of business, branding, strategic partnerships and relationships, community engagement, marketing, social media and creating training plans.





Almetria is a Certified S.A.I.L. Leader through the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability’s S.A.I.L. Program.

Stay Active and Independent for Life (SAIL) is an evidence-based strength, balance and fitness program for adults 65 and older. Performing exercises that improve strength, balance and fitness are the single most important activity that adults can do to stay active and reduce their chance of falling.

Ask how your organization can bring this program for active  older adults to be taught at your healthcare facility, church, retirement community, nursing home, senior citzens center, or assisted living facility by emailing or give us a call at 901-794-4438 for more information.


Almetria is a Certified Silver Sneakers and Flex group fitness and functional fitness instructor in the areas of Yoga, Classic, BOOM Muscle, BOOM Move, Nutrition for Optimal Aging, Foundations, Cardio and Strength,  SAIL, Barre, Bootcamp and Indoor cycling. If your church, healthcare facility, community center, senior citizens center, assisted living facility or retirement community is interested in starting an active older adults senior fitness program, please contact us at or call 901-794-4438.


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IMG_20180125_134451_116.jpgConverting to a healthy lifestyle can sometimes be overwhelming, but we’re here to help get you started by turning your kitchen into a FIT kitchen.

Most people do not know what foods are considered as being healthy versus what’s not. We can help you transform your pantry and refrigerator by educating you on which items to keep, give to your local food pantry, and which items are healthy versus unhealthy by  reading labels and hidden ingredients.

We can conduct our session via skype, telephone or in person. After the session, you will be given a list of healthy pantry and refrigerator staple items to always have on hand to create a simple but healthy meal. If local, we’ll box up and drop off your unopened foods to a local food pantry for you. This makeover can be a fun, educational and stress free process in learning how to eat healthier for you and your family.

Book your session today!





welcome plaquge

3 John 1-2

2 Dear friend, I pray that you are doing well in every way. I pray that your body is strong and well even as your soul is.

Welcome to Fit and Finally Free! I’m Almetria – an full spectrum, birth and postpartum doula, an entrepreneur, food, fitness, and faith blogger, lifestyle and wellness coach, healthy foodie, author, community nutrition educator, registered yoga teacher, an avid runner and marathoner. I am on a mission to live a fit and free life while helping others achieve their lifestyle and wellness goals. I have my certifications in running, race direction, indoor cycling, barre, mat pilates, personal training, Silver Sneakers Boom Muscle  Boom Move,  Yoga, Classic, Nutrition for Optimal Aging,  Foundations, SAIL (Stay Active for Independent Living), group exercise, boot camp, core and functional fitness, myofascial release foam rolling, adult and youth mental health first aid, peer counseling, community nutrition education and congregational health promotion. I have several continuing education certificates dealing with diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Nutrition.

Fit and Finally Free is a lifestyle and wellness  blog  and entity dedicated to inspire people how to live a healthy, holistic, and well-balanced life through food, faith, fitness, and fun.


I’ve spent most of my life yo-yo dieting, doing quick fix diets, and eating food I didn’t like during the process. Food and other vices can sometimes be a coping mechanism for underlying issues that go unresolved. Temporary fixes never create permanent solutions. It only gives us false hope. I learned the hard way that changing my basic eating habits along with exercise, work and time management, becoming more socially and self aware was the only way to sustain and maintain a healthy weight loss, create balance, and build a strong mind, body and soul.

I want to teach you how to lead a healthy, well balanced life and becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be by the renewing of your mind and loving yourself from the inside out.

Feel free to scroll through my blog and website for inspiration, healthy recipes, cooking classes, fitness classes, upcoming events and seminars, books and resources, nutrition/fitness tips, work/life balance tips and services that will enable you in living your best life now!

61 thoughts on “Fit and Finally Free”

  1. Almetria, thank you for using your gifts and talents to help our family truly live our best life! We are in the greatest shape ever and its all because of you! Keep inspiring those who look up to your expertise and continue trusting God to lift you upon the highest of heights as you follow his lead!

  2. Just found your site and it’s a welcoming inspiration for me to keep on keepin on
    So my mantra is SEVENTY AND SASSY. Thanks

  3. Hello Almetria! My Name is Rebecca and i too have been Suffering since i was old enough to talk,From being called fat girl,big jawn,amd also lots choice profanities when it came to my weight,I now am 41 and 239 with a Multitude of Health Issues including Long QT with a ICD since 2013 my weight,health and overall life needs Everything you have to Offer,Im always in pain due to bad knees and bad back,i write these things not for sympathy but for genuine HELP,I DONT EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START,BUT THANKYOU YOU HUNNY AND IM SO THANKFUL THAT GOD IS USING YOU TO BE A BEACON OF LIGHT,HOPE AND ENCOURAGEMENT FOR SO MANY PEOPLE,I PRAY TO GET THERE SOON ONE DAY,THANKYOU TRULY, REBECCA

  4. What took me so long to check out your blog. You are great….inspirational and informative. I’m going to a regular reader. #Longtimefan

  5. Hey Deanna! Congrats on your weight loss. Losing 15 pounds is a huge accomplishment. Way to go! Looks like you’re well on your way into your journey and I’m looking forward in sharing with you and you sharing with me your successes and setbacks along the way. We’re both sure to have them, but as long as we are both moving forward, there’s no stopping us!

    Live and Be Well,

  6. Hello Almetria,
    I am very happy for you and your success. I’m on a lifestyle changing mission as well and l’ve lost 15 pounds so far. I was empowered reading about your journey and thanks for all of your suggestions.


  7. Hi Almetria
    My best friend forwarded your story to me.
    Thank you for sharing your story, recently on Wednesday March 3, 2016 I went to the Drs. office for a f/u visit on labs and was diagnosed w/hypertension and given an RX. Needless to say I was devastated. I bought the meds and a blood pressure monitor and have been monitoring my blood pressure regularly. I have so many questions, but most of all I want know how do I get off the meds. There’s been a misconception that once you’re on blood pressure meds you have to take them for the duration of life. I’d like to some direction. Claudia

  8. I am interested in the meal prep, what is the cost and caloric intake of your meals. Please contact if possible through my email. Thanks in advance.

  9. Hello Almetria,

    Read your story on Yahoo and I was really motivated and inspired. I’ve been struggling with my weight since birth and now that I am married, TTC and also approaching 40…I am determined more than ever to live a healthy lifestyle. I will definitely follow your health and weight loss tips. Thank you for being an inspiration. God Bless.

    1. Nguper, thanks for reaching out to me and for your kind words. You can achieve anything you set your mind to doing with the right mindset and if your heart and desire is truly in it. I wish you much success on your road to fit by 40 and I look forward in you sharing your progress with me. Live and Be Well!

  10. Hi Almetria,
    Your story on Yahoo! Wins led me here, and truthfully, I wasn’t expecting the depth and quality of information and inspiration that I found. You are truly a positive on my own journey. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for reaching out to me and for your kind words. The intent of which I set out to do my blog was to be informative, transparent, to inspire and to uplift not only about weight loss but life in general. I hope you will continue to follow my blog and be able to gleam something from my posts. Live and Be Well!

  11. Hi Almetria, your story is one of true courage (as well as encouragement) and acknowledging the devine we all possess and how we need to honour ourselves and our bodies.

    I am exactly where you were in 2010, however without the D diagnosis but it is an hereditary trait in my family. I am going through the first stage of the cleansing and purging stage. I’m ridding myself of relationships and beliefs that no longer serve me.

    So thank you so much for sharing your story, it is a glimpse at the journey that awaits me! Xxx

  12. I’m so glad I found you. I’m on the journey however, I need to do a better job with eating a balanced diet. I’ll be watching

  13. Almetria, I’m 36yrs old and I feel defeated and I am lazy, I must say. Please tell me where and how to start.

  14. Hi. I read your story and this sounds pretty much like me. I would like help with my weight loss goal.

  15. I just read your story on BWLW. Your story sounds so familiar to me only difference is you have lost the weight. I desperately need help. I am 53 years old.

  16. I need help I’m 39 years old have been over weight all my life and have felt like the outsider I don’t want to have the surgery could u please help me

  17. You have a miraculous story and I am motivated to keep at trying to get healthier. I am pre-diabetic and scared to death. My father had type 2 diabetes and I watched him suffer for many years and I do not want to go down that road. You have inspired me to exercise more, make better food choices and to be mindful that my body is Gods temple which needs to be taken care of.

    Thank you,


  18. I’m so glad I came across this site it gives me hope that I can become fit by 40 as well

    1. Good morning Melissa. Thank you so much for stopping by. Yes, you can become fit by 40 if you set your mind to it and put in the work. I hope my blog gives you inspiration to keep pushing and pressing along the way. I look forward in your testimony and transformation. Live and be well.

  19. I’m so happy that I came across your story. You have such a positive attitude about getting started again. Thanks

    1. Good morning Cynthia. Thank you for your kind words, posting and following my blog. Hopefully, you will find the inspiration and motivation you will need within yourself and will use my blog as a tool towards your success. Live and be well.

  20. Wow!!! You are one amazing woman. Your work is truly a testimony of what God can and will do! I love your blog. Thanks for being a blessing to others and me!

  21. Words cant express how happy I am for you friend! LIVES will be transformed and I cant wait to see where this will take you! Continue to let the Lord use you! Making the world fit one person at a time.

  22. Hello! I need help with my healthier journey. I can go all day with no appetite, as soon as the sun goes down, I want to eat everything!
    Another big problem for me is that I am on a very limited income. How do I healthy shop/ eat on $50.00 a week?

  23. Congratulations Almetria I am so proud of you. Thanks for sharing and being an inspiration to me and others.
    Much Love ,

  24. YAY! I’m so excited that your blog is up and running. I can’t wait to read more. Thank you for letting us peak into your lifestyle changes while helping us along the way.

  25. To God be the glory for the marvelous thing He has done! I am extremely proud of you, Almetria! You continue to inspire. Always do you, my sistah! Much love!!!

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