The Healthy Budgetnista 25 Recipes for Busy People on the Go E- Cookbook–April 6, 2021

Almetria Turner (Author) 


The Healthy Budgetnista’s Twenty Five Recipes for Busy People on the Go is the first volume of healthy vegetarian and non-,vegetarian recipes I’ve created over the years along with some I’ve pinned as pantry provisions and fridge foraging meals during the 2020 pandemic. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be what I call the 3 Bs of eating…Bland, Boring or a Budget Buster! I’m thrilled I’m able to share affordable, healthy and delicious recipes from my pantry and fridge to your dinner table.
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How to Shop, Cook and Eat Healthy on a Budget E-Book–April 6, 2021

Almetria Turner (Author)


Finding the time to shop, cook and eat healthy is a constant challenge. This book explains how shopping, cooking and eating healthy doesn’t have to fall into what I call the 3B myths of healthy eating…bland, boring or a budget buster. With a little planning and discipline on your part, not only will this book teach you how to save money, but it will also help you save time, possible doctors’ visits, and unwanted calories by eating out and making unhealthy choices. Let The Healthy Budgetnista help you become financially fit with your grocery budget and kitchen.




The Healthy Budgetnista Walnut Butcher Block


“The Healthy Budgetnista” walnut butcher block not only adds beauty to your kitchen and serving table, but it’s functional as well!

The cutting board is 100% walnut, weighs approximately 5 pounds and its dimensions are 10 inches x 18 inches x 1.75 inches thick.

You can use this beautiful wooden piece as kitchen decor, a charcuterie or serving board or to prep your meat or vegetables.

Spice up your kitchen, table and prepping skills by purchasing your very own “The Healthy Budgetnista” Walnut Butcher Block today. 

DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of wood products, the actual shade and color of the engraving may vary slightly from lighter to darker than shown in the example photo.


10 thoughts on “PRODUCTS and BOOKS”

  1. I am excited. I will definitely try the recipes and the tips on shopping. Congratulations you are such an inspiration.

  2. Soror,
    Congratulations on this accomplishment! Thank you for helping us get healthy on a dime! Looking forward to shopping and cooking to improve my overall well-being and developing positive life style changes!💞💚

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