How to Freeze and Repurpose Thanksgiving Leftovers from The Healthy Budgetnista

By now, I’m sure your bellies are full, you’ve had second helpings and leftovers for breakfast.

You know how I hate wasting food and I’m always looking for ways you can save a few coins while trying to remain healthy.

So, what do you once you get past day two, have all of this food left over and can’t stand to eat another plate? You have two options…repurpose and/or freeze.

There will be days where you don’t want to cook anything or need to add a side dish to a meal. Instead of throwing good food and money away, freeze it within freezer safe air tight containers or wrapped in foil within plastic freezer storage bags (be sure to remove any air) to prevent freezer burn. Get a permanent black marker. Be sure to label and date it.

Here are some foods that freeze well for a few months and ways to repurpose them for meals. Remove any meat from the bone. Save and freeze the bones for stock/broth if you make your own.

Freezer safe items:
Ham/ham bone
Fruit Pies/cobblers
Pecan, chess, sweet potato/pumpkin pie
Candied yams
Green beans not green been casserole
Cranberry sauce
Non dairy gravy
Mashed potatoes if made with butter or cream
Macaroni and cheese

Repurpose meal ideas:
Open faced turkey sandwich with gravy
Turkey salad with crackers/turkey salad wraps/turkey salad sandwich/croissants/turkey salad lettuce wrap
Turkey within a garden salad
Turkey noodle soup
Turkey tetrazzini
Turkey and wild rice soup
Turkey sandwich

Ham and cheese sliders
Ham sandwich
Ham croissants
Ham biscuit
Ham salad with crackers, ham salad croissant/sandwich, ham salad wrap/lettuce wrap
Ham within a garden salad
Ham and bean soup
Ham within your greens or any beans
Denver omelet
Ham and potato hash

Open faced chicken sandwich with gravy
chicken salad with crackers/chicken salad wraps/chicken salad sandwich/croissants/chicken salad lettuce wrap
Chicken within a garden salad
Chicken noodle soup
Chicken tetrazzini
Chicken and wild rice soup (Check out my recipe in this month’s issue of Memphis Health and Fitness Magazine)
Chicken, Quinoa, Chard and Tomato Soup (my recipe is in this month’s issue of The Best Times Newsmagazine)
Chicken sandwich
Chicken tacos, enchiladas, burritos or quesadillas
Bbq Chicken
Chicken “fried” cauliflower or brown rice

Soup and salad
Soup and half sandwich
Soup and cheese toast

Cooked veggies/veggie trays:
Raw veggies: Make a soup or salad
Cooked veggies: depending upon the veggie and/or preparation, make a veggie sandwich/wrap

As you can see, there are many ways you can save money, repurpose and freeze food without it going to waste. I provided you with some healthy and semi-healthy options you can plan for the rest of your week or for future use.

Happy freezing and repurposing. Live and Be Well.