For the Love of Apples and Natural Peanut: A Great Post Workout or Afternoon Snack.

Apples. Oh, how I love apples. I love all kinds of apples. Apples make me happy. I eat apples every single day. As a matter of fact, I’m an apple snob for all apples are not created equal. Just ask the red delicious apple. It will never have a place in my heart or my grocery cart lol.

Sprouts have one of the best and affordable Fall apple selections by far than any other local grocery store chain. Last week, I picked up smitten, kanzi, sweet tango, koru, snapdragon, ambrosia, and sugar bee apples. Love the smitten and sweet tango. I’ll let you know how the others taste.

As for my post workout or afternoon snack, I love apples and natural peanut butter. A medium size apple and one level tbsp of natural peanut butter give or take is 200 calories. One tbsp of natural peanut butter is only 95 calories. I try to stick to only eating between 150-200 calories per snack.

You have the natural sugar, carbs, vitamin C/K and fiber coming from the apple and the healthy fats, fiber and protein from the peanut butter to help refuel your body, replenish your glycogen stores, repair your muscles and keep you feeling fuller longer. Apples are great for weight loss, gut health, heart health and lowering the risk of diabetes. Make sure you’re eating nutrient dense (whole) foods rather than calorie dense i.e. processed snacks.

I normally buy Kroger natural peanut butter because it’s affordable, tastes great, and it consists of only peanuts and salt. For those of you who are used to eating peanut butter with honey or sugar, it will take some getting use to the taste. It’s not bad. It’s not sweet, hence eating it with the apple.

I picked up this Natural Jif peanut butter out of haste because they were out of the Kroger brand. That’s why it’s so important to read your labels. I took it for granted because it was labeled as natural and low sodium meaning I thought it was made with peanuts and salt only.

I turned it around and read the label after the fact because I wondered why it tasted sweeter than the Kroger brand. It has peanuts, sugar, palm oil, salt and molasses! There’s nothing natural about this with all of the added ingredients and extra sugars! 🤦🏾‍♀️ Read your labels! Just because it’s labeled as low fat, fat free, low sodium, natural, organic, etc doesn’t mean it’s healthy or loaded with other unhealthy ingredients to make it taste good.

This concludes my love for apples and natural peanut butter story. 😂🤷🏾‍♀️ What’s your favorite post workout or afternoon snack?