Budget Tips to Make Your Food Dollars Stretch

Food prices are on the rise and it’s getting harder to feed our families along with paying for basic necessities such as housing, clothing and gas.

I’m the Healthy Budgetnista, so I understand your struggle in putting affordable healthy meals on your dinner table.

That why I’ve created an e-book called, “How to Shop, Cook and Eat Healthy on a Budget.”

This guide gives you budget cents and sense on how to save money on your grocery bill, my favorite pantry and fridge staple items, how to eliminate food waste and so much more.

For a limited time only, this book, regularly priced $18, will be available for only $14.99. If you purchase both my e-cookbook and grocery budget book, it’s only $30! That’s a savings of $6 buying both books.

Remember, it’s for a limited time only so get yours today before the price increase. If you can support your vegan auntie, you can support someone locally you know. Link is found below. Click the ebook letters in bold print.


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