Medal Monday: Know your Why.


This past Saturday, I completed my 2nd marathon at the 2017 St. Jude Marathon held in my hometown of Memphis, TN after enduring 18 long and grueling weeks of 3-4am solo midweek and long runs due to my busy work schedule. I finished, but it wasn’t pretty nor did it not come without a cost. I had to remember my why….

I had been feeling under the weather all week, to the point where it finally hit me on Saturday morning. I was in pain and had fatigue. I already was at a disadvantage, but I knew I had a job to do. Also, training long distance miles in the cold is quite different than training in warmer temps. It was unusually warm for the month of December.

I remember reaching the 11 mile split where the half marathoners veered to the left of me and the marathoners veered to the right. I wanted to go left, but I had to remember my why….

As I continued to run, eating my potatoes with salt, sliding through every water station splashing water on me to cool off and drinking water and nuun whenever I could, it seemed like I could never get enough. I felt myself becoming more and more dehydrated.

At mile 21, that’s when this race became detrimental for me because I developed cramps in both of my hamstrings and my calves. I was in excruciating pain. I didn’t think I was going to finish, but I had to remember my why….

So, I walked the last 5 miles and ran small steps whenever I could in between the sharp and throbbing cramps. I was determined not to let the children of St. Jude down nor the people whom have expressed a desire to run but are unsure of themselves or can’t for various reasons. Through every painful step, I remembered my why.

Strength, determination and my faith carried me through where I managed to run the last half mile in to the finish line. Thanks DesRemona. We did it even in pain! I had to go to the medical tent at the finish line for about 20 minutes because I didn’t know if I could walk any further. They literally had to try and rub my cramps out for they felt my tendons locking up on me.

Even though my training prepared me, anything goes on race day. Nothing can prepare you for that. I’m very thankful and grateful that I finished, wasn’t seriously hurt, with your help I exceeded my fundraising goal, I get to run and share my joys and sorrows with you, and I lived to see another run day.

If nothing else from my experience, as we only have a few days left in 2017, going into 2018 remember your why….

Live more. Worry less..



I Ran and Had a Coke and a Smile


I ran and had a Coke and a smile last weekend at the 36th Annual Coke10k in Cornith, MS. (Not really because I haven’t had a soft drink in over 6 years lol).


Cornith, MS is a small southern town with a great and welcoming small southern vibe. Everyone who I met was gracious and had smiles upon their faces for they were happy to see 1500 runners participating in this annual race.


It was a hot and hilly race. I couldn’t get my breathing right, but I was able to push on through. Had plenty of water stops, cold wet towels, barrels of ice to cool you down, popsicles and crowd support throughout the race.


Definitely one of my favorite 10k races in which I’ve done because of the great post race party, the coke bottle shaped awards and giveaways, (each age category has more than 3 placements which is highly unusual in races but great as it gives other runners opportunities to place) and the hospitality was genuine. You really get a lot of bang for your buck because the early registration fee is only 20.00 and you get a nice tech shirt!

BGR Memphis represented in full force today where we had at least 20 women whom drove down to Cornith for the race.

I’m very thankful to the race director, M. Grady, for her graciousness towards me in the middle of getting the final details of the race in place.  People do not have to do anything for you, but I’m appreciative for when they do.


I rode down to the race with my sassy sole senior sisters and hung out with them on that day. One of them even placed in her age group. I always enjoy being with them for these 60+ ladies are fun, share wisdom and honestly make me blush lol. Don’t think because women get to a certain age, they don’t enjoy life. These women do!


Running gives me freedom. Last weekend was awesome. I definitely would recommend this race to any walkers and runners in the mid south area. Fun on top of more fun and you get a little coke bottle bling in the end.


Visit their website at or search coke 10k on facebook for more information on how to register next year.



The Last Push: Cover Girl Wanted

Happy Sunday!
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has been sooooo supportive, sharing and voting for me to appear to be on the cover of Women’s Running Magazine. Let’s make one more big push between today and tomorrow. The winner will be announced later on tmw evening or Tuesday. Regardless of the outcome, I appreciate the love, belief and the thought of you thinking enough of me. Click on the link found below. ❤❤

•Supported some of my friends this morning who ran the Greenline Half Marathon. Sideline cheerleading is just as important and meaningful as running. Great job runners!

•Completed a 3 mile recovery walk from yesterday’s 18 mile run on the greenline with the Walk Before You Run BGR group this afternoon.

Bring on week 12 of marathon training.


My First 18 Mile Run

photo_2016-10-15_11-44-04_amDidn’t sleep well last night with the anticipation of today’s run because I knew it would be my most miles to date. My plan only called for 16, but I decided to run with Breakaway Running this morning because they were going to cover some of the St Jude route. The marathoners’ route was scheduled for 18 miles. I said oh well, I have to get back to my car anyway lol.

Running from Overton Square, through Cooper Young, Central Gardens, throughout downtown and by the River, past St. Jude, midtown, through Overton Park and back to the store again was quite an adventure, but the route was beautiful and the weather was perfect.

photo_2016-10-15_11-47-12_amThese BGR sisters and St. Jude Heroes did that today! Most of us are first timers training for a full. Surprisingly, I felt great after my run and was able to keep a steady pace for all 18 miles.

Week 11 of marathon training, 18 miles today and a total of 49 miles later, I lived to run another day.

Please keep voting for me to be on the cover 😊❤❤!


Running Magazine Cover Finalist Lost Nearly 200 lbs

img_20160926_210712Happy Friday!

I was asked by Women’s Running Magazine to give a small bio and create a simple video as to why I should be a finalist for the cover of their magazine. Here’s the video and story that was published online today. You have until Monday to vote daily! ❤❤


Wednesday’s Midweek Long Run: Friendship


Wednesday’s Hump Day Workout:

Keep VOTING DAILY for me to appear on the cover of WOMEN’S RUNNING MAGAZINE. The winner will be announced next week. CLICK ON THE LINK FOUND BELOW TO VOTE.

•The gym is closed today for Yom Kippur, so I will probably do some kind of strength training at home. I have plenty of equipment. What I don’t have are excuses😊.

•My marathon training plan called for 8 miles today. Had to get up at 3:20am to meet my BGR sisters who are also training for the full at 4am to get it done. Together, we got it done!

Occasionally, you will have to do things alone, but there’s nothing like being able to do it with a friend. Thanks Te’Retta, Mo, Eula, LaTasha and Lakeicha for the accountability and run this morning. I appreciate y’all.


12th Half: Chicago Bound


photo_2016-09-24_03-28-17_pmHalf Marathon and Full Marathon Training Chronicles:

Just so happeningly, my 8th week of marathon training called for 13 miles today and I was able  to do it in Chicago and get rewarded for it.

It was my first time ever going to Chicago. I wanted to try the infamous Garrett’s popcorn, deep dish pizza, and see my sorority’s headquarters and I managed to do all three.

Pretty flat course with a couple of inclines. I had to dig really deep my last 3 miles, especially my last mile, because I had a goal of finishing before 2:30.

I was ahead of the 2:30 pacer for at least 8.5 miles and then I fell back. It was a back and forth war going on in my head mentally, my legs wanting to cramp, and seeing him ahead of me. I would catch up then fall back several times until I had to gut check myself at mile 12. Running is about endurance and mentally being able to overcome obstacles and self doubt.

It took everything I had in me to kick it into overdrive and run ahead of the pacer. I didn’t know how closely he was for I decided not to focus on what was behind me. Instead, I focused on what was ahead of me and that was the finish line far off into the distance.

My last mile turned out to be my best mile out of all 13.1 miles and I finished in 2:29:01.


You can’t tell me what your mind and body can’t do once you put your whole heart into it. I ran with my heart today. My heart is happy.

12th half, 8th week of marathon training and state #9 is wrap! It was a Memphis BGR takeover.



Long Week…So the Marathon Training Continues

img_20160921_142852Long week…so the marathon training continues. 🏃🏃🏃

•Saturday: 12 mile run with BMR/BGR

•Sunday: 4 mile recovery walk through Shelby Farms with BGR

•Monday: Speaking engagement at the VA Hospital about suicide awareness and prevention month. Thanks Montoyia for allowing me to share about losing a loved one at your program and Noah for your support and the pics. Good seeing you Yolanda and India.

•Tuesday: Visited and prepped healthy meals for my kindergarten teacher and her hubby. She was one of my absolute favorite teachers. She always gave the best hugs, encouraged and believed in me. I’ve always remembered that even though it’s been 37 years later. We need more teachers like her.

•Tuesday: 4:30 am 3 mile training run, Body Sculpt strength training and Tabata class, and a 3 mile walk/run with the BMR fellas. That last run wasn’t about me but supporting a fellow runner. It’s not always about you.

Wednesday: 4am 6 mile training run with Lakeicha, Te’Retta and the BGR Dark Thirty crew and Noon day Body Burn class of cardio, HITT and strength training. Functioned off of 3 hours of sleep this morning and not feeling my best, I had to push on through because I can’t miss my training runs. Thank you ladies for the run, company and the push. I couldn’t have done it without y’all.

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Know WHOO You Are!


WHOO is going to work out, eat better, put a smile upon their face, pay it forward, and have an awesome day today? You are…so get to moving! Have a FITabulous weekend peeps. Happy Friday!

●1 hour Mat-ology/yoga/pilates/core work class
●5 miles on the bike
●1 mile run of hill work on 2.0 and 5.0 incline


Leader of the Pack: I’m a Pacer Baby

Photo_2016-04-09_06-56-12_PMCompleted my 11th half marathon this morning at the Race 13.1 in downtown Memphis. This race had a very special meaning for me because it wasn’t about me today. This was my first time ever running as a pacer in trying to help others achieve their running goals. While it was slower than my usual pace and it was rough on my legs, we got the job done in meeting our goal of 2:45.


It can be disheartening when the people you’re pacing fall back due to many different reasons i.e. hills, inclines, fatigue etc, but it’s just as encouraging seeing others ahead who you can push to beat your pacing time. I couldn’t have picked a better pace team than my 2 BMR brothers Justin and Brandon who kept it moving, funny, and interesting. These 2 amazing runners,like myself, overcame major adversities which I will share within another blog post.

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Overall, I had a great weekend at the Friday night BMR meet and greet, actual race, celebratory lunch with my BGR sisters at Cheesecake Factory and meeting/seeing again other BGR and BMR runners from Little Rock, Nashville, Atlanta and New Orleans.