It was “One Night” to Remember

This past Saturday night, I attended Regional One Health Foundation's One Night Gala which turned out to be a very fun filled night with great food, drink, beautful decor and entertainment by the legendary 80s singer Kenny Loggins and Memphis own The Bar-kays. I was able to attend with my very good friend of 23… Continue reading It was “One Night” to Remember


Cruising through Spring

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always wanted to go to Tuscany, other parts of Italy and Martha's Vineyard. Why? I don’t know. Being a little girl from Orange Mound, the idea sounded far fetched because how could a little girl like me from a poor but rich in spirit community ever dream… Continue reading Cruising through Spring


Brighter Days Ahead: Still Looking for the Days of Spring.

Spring is steady peeking it's pretty head in and out of season. One day it's 60 degrees, and the next day it might be down to 30 or 40. I find myself putting on clothes that's somewhere in between. I'm really over this dreary weather because I want to lace up my tennis shoes and… Continue reading Brighter Days Ahead: Still Looking for the Days of Spring.


Oh Spring. Where are Thou?

From elementary school all the way up to high school, I played the violin. One of my favorite classical pieces we would play in orchestra was "The Four Seasons" by Vivaldi. This year alone, Memphis has experienced all four seasons within a week and sometimes within a day lol. March has gotten off pretty much… Continue reading Oh Spring. Where are Thou?