Tinkyaka Brown Rice Spaghetti Pasta


If anyone knows me and knows me well, they know I am a huge pasta lover. Doesn’t matter the shape, sauce or how it’s prepared as a casserole or as a single dish, I love it. Carbs, carbs and more carbs. Bad for my midsection, but can’t live without it. Carbs is the preferred energy source for the body. As an avid runner, good carbs have to be a part of my eating plan.

So, to help fill this waning desire of mine, I wanted to find a pasta that wasn’t made of semolina, wheat or gluten. I’m not gluten intolerant and I don’t dislike whole wheat pasta. I just wanted to try something new and didn’t spike my blood sugar.

I decided to visit Whole Foods and look in their pasta section for a pasta that would fit those three things…..semolina, wheat and gluten free. I asked some of the associates of a pasta they would recommend for me to try and had the same taste and texture of semolina pasta and the health benefits of whole wheat pasta. I was told to try Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta. I wanted to prepare spaghetti for dinner so I purchased the Tinkyada Brown Rice Spaghetti.

I came home and prepared my spaghetti sauce wondering if I was going to like this pasta. Brown rice? How in the world do they make pasta out of brown rice and will it do my infamous sauce justice.

Here goes.  I followed the instructions on the package for it to cook about 13-17 minutes. I like my pasta to be al dente with a bite so I was hesitant to cook it that long but I followed the directions. The water turned unusually thick and murky unlike regular pasta when it boils and the starch is being released, but I had to trust the process.

I rinsed the pasta off even though chefs say not to because it’s the starch that causes the sauce to stick to the pasta. Me being the health conscious person that I am, I didn’t want all of the extras. It looked like pasta, felt like pasta, wondered if it was going to taste like pasta and do my sauce the justice it deserved. Does it get the Fantastic Food Find stamp of approval?

quality passed

FFF approved! It tasted great! So much so, I will probably never go back to semolina or whole wheat pasta. Had the same great taste and texture of regular pasta. It’s kosher and organic certified, has less than 5 ingredients on the label which is awesome, and comes in different shapes so you can create more fabulous pasta dishes.