Target audiences include:

  • Health fairs, expos, and seminars
  • Schools
  • Non profit healthcare organizations
  • Churches
  • Campus lecture series
  • Corporate meetings
  • Corporate wellness
  • Grocery stores

Topics include:

•Budget Cents: How to Shop Savvy and Eat Healthy on a Budget

•Meal Planning 101: The 4 P’s to Healthy Eating
•The Grocer Guide: How to Navigate the Grocery Store Aisles for Healthy Options
•Checks and Balances: Reading labels, Proper Measurements & Portion Control
•Out of Sorts: The Secrets to Living a Well Balanced Life
•Being Intentional: 10 Ways in Living an Intentional Life
•Elevator Promotions: How to Climb your Way to the Top without Pushing Buttons
•Dress to Impress: How to Dress Stylishly and Affordably During Weight Loss
•Fast Food: Learn How to Cook Healthy Meals in 30 Minutes or Less
•Party with a Purpose: How to Survive Family and Office Holiday Parties without Wrecking your Goals
•On the Road Again: How to Eat Healthy While Traveling for Work or on Vacation
•Working 9 to 5: Office Nutrition and Exercise Survival Tips
Other Seminars and Topics can be Tailored to Fit your Audience or Message. I will travel. For more information or to book Almetria, email or call 901-340-2866

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