Vision casting, Healthy Living and Weight Loss Seminar

Screenshot_20180117-182936Need a jumpstart in your health and fitness goals? You have the power to execute your dreams in 2018….

It’s a new year. I know some of you made a few goals and resolutions you didn’t quite meet in 2017 and you’ve probably thought of some new ones by now. Did you know there’s a difference between a goal and a resolution? A thought vs action?

Envision what you want your life to look like in 2018. Think about all of the possibilities. New career. Better health. Start a business. Lose some weight. Take more risks. Buy a house. Strengthen relationships. Save more money.
You’ve heard it all before, but have you put forth any action behind those thoughts you created on paper or that vision board?

A goal is just a thought if it’s without action and things will remain the same unless you bring about a change. Consistency is one of the keys to winning.

If you’re in the Memphis area, come join me on Saturday, January 27th from 9am-noon at the Crosstown Concourse. We will create a 21 day jumpstart plan by learning how to create a healthy life balance, set realistic goals, and put them into action by shifting and shedding some of life’s issues especially in the areas of work, health and fitness. A continental breakfast will be served. Hope to see you soon!

Click on the link below to register today!