Honey Orange Ginger Salmon with a Cold Asian Noodle Salad


Tonight, I used some of my great reduced produce finds in my dish for dinner. Honey Orange Ginger Salmon with a Cold Asian Noodle Salad.

I used white sesame seeds on top of my salmon and black sesame seeds in my salad in which I told you about the many health benefits of black sesame seeds on yesterday.
Healthy Cooking Tip:
Invest in a digital food scale. You might think looking at the whole wheat udon noodles on my plate that it’s more than one serving, but it’s not. It weighed only 56g or 2oz dry which equated to one serving size according to the back of the package. Scales are also great for weighing your meats and some of your other foods.


Be sure when you are reading your food labels if it says dry or cooked according to the serving size. You might have to measure/weigh it again to get the proper serving.


You will get these kinds of tips, tidbits and more in my upcoming cooking and nutrition classes. I hope you had at least one well balanced and nutritious meal today. Happy Wednesday!