How to Keep your Thanksgiving Spirit Alive and your Loved Ones Safe

Wellness Wednesday:

How to Keep your Thanksgiving Spirit Alive 🦃🍂

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving will look a little different this year since we’re in the middle of a pandemic. While we can’t do our usual family gatherings or car hopping from house to house, we still have so much to be grateful for. With the help of technology, we’re able to gather and fellowship virtually while sharing a meal with friends and loved ones.

I know how hard it’s been not being able to resume your normal activities without some kind of constraint or being able to visit and love on your people. We’re all grieving in some kind of way whether you know it or not.

Instead of focusing on what we’re unable to do or who can’t go and see this holiday season, let’s focus on the positive and get creative in how we can keep our spirits lifted.

Here are a few ideas to help keep you connected and in the Thanksgiving spirit.

• Write down at least 5 things and 5 people whom you’re grateful for. Gratefulness can be found in each and every day. It’s up to us to look for it.

• Do a recipe share. Gather all of the recipes and create a pdf file. Share a family favorite, that’s not top secret of course lol, where you can still have Aunt Mary’s sweet potato pie, you get to try something new, or it can be the start of a fun activity you can do yearly amongst family and/or friends.

• Do a virtual friendsgiving. If you’re single and still want to mingle, scoop up your other single friends online and do a virtual Thanksgiving brunch, day party, game night or dinner.

The same concept can apply for families too if you’re wanting to connect and fellowship with others whom you’re unable to visit. Swap recipes, play games, eat together and fellowship.

Set your tables and beautiful tablescapes as usual but with your computer at the head of the table so everyone can see each other or you can buy and/or create individual phone stands/pop sockets. Place your phone in front of your place setting, fellowship online with others and eat hands free.

Create a beautiful place setting for one, come up with a simple menu you all can either prepare before hand or cook online together, crank up the music, and sip away on your favorite bottle of wine, mimosa or create a signature drink. Think of a few games that can be done well with a virtual format. And we all have that one cousin who thinks he’s a dj lol. Flatter him by asking if he would be the dj for your gathering. I’m sure his ego will jump at the chance lol.

•Create an early morning turkey burner workout with friends/family. Do a 30 minute virtual morning walk together. Stick your headphones in, walk and talk before you eat yourself into a coma lol.

Another option would be if you had a family member or friend that’s a certified group x instructor or can safely lead others in doing a virtual 30 minute workout or yoga session.

• Create an online arts/crafts activity for the kids. Children miss their family and friends too. Make a virtual play date where the kids can work on the same project together and get to show off their creations with others. They can give each other virtual high fives and air hugs. Come up with some cute themed snacks they can all enjoy online.

• Have a dance off or an ugly turkey sweater/costume contest. Contestants chip in $5 to enter. Your virtual gathering will vote and the winner takes all. Either transfer the money via app or mail them a gift card.

As you can see, there are so many fun and unique ways we can keep our loved ones safe this Thanksgiving and holiday season. It’s a small sacrifice to pay especially when each other’s health is at stake.

Even in the midst of trying to feel connected to others virtually this holiday season, don’t forget to connect and love on the ones in your home. They’re your first and main priority.

To all of my single folks who don’t have a dog, cat or goldfish like me, might be living in a new city and haven’t had a chance to make friends, an only child, no longer have your parents or struggling through this pandemic, know that you’re loved and appreciated too. Don’t throw away an entire chapter over a few misleading paragraphs. You won’t know how the story ends if you refuse to turn the page. This is just one season, not the season finale.

Happy Wednesday y’all. Live and Be Well.