Freedom Friday: What will you do with your DASH?

“I haven’t had a happy life. Bad breaks, bad choices. A life of almosts and could-haves. Some would call it sad but I don’t. Cause the two best things in my life, were the person in the very beginning, and the person in the very end. That’s a pretty good thing to be able to say I think…”  William from This is Us


This powerful excerpt was just one of many from this week’s episode entitled “Memphis” on the NBC hit television show, “This is Us.” This show is a beautifully written television drama with layers upon layers of storylines and dialogue that unfolds each week which has millions around the country all up in their feels.

It’s been awhile since there’s been a prime time television show on the air with good quality programming that you can watch with your family. I was blessed where I can say I played a very small part in it when they were here filming in my hometown. It was a thrilling and awesome experience.

Each week, I would break out my tissues knowing the tears were going to come because I can relate so much to some of the characters on the show, but that’s another blog post. Several actually lol. As of right now, I’m just going to focus on one of many takeaways from the Memphis episode for there were many.

As William was lying on his deathbed in the hospital talking with Randall in between breaths, he knew by asking him to take a road trip to Memphis to see where he grew up as a child would be his final resting place as his body was shutting down and riddled with stomach cancer.


This heart wrenching dialogue I’m speaking of in this blog post, took place right before William told Randall he was scared of dying for fear of the unknown. Randall, just as his father did as a child when he was afraid or had an anxiety attack, took William’s face between his hands to give him a sense of peace and told him to just breathe. It was his way of calming William down, showing love and permission to go in peace. There’s power and love in a human’s touch.


William felt like his life was great in the beginning having been raised well by a single mother and in the end finding, being embraced and forgiven by the family he had somewhat lost some 36 years ago.

He realized his “DASH” was full of bad breaks, bad choices, almosts and could-haves. He felt he didnt have a happy life nor a sad one, but what mattered the most was who he was as a person in the beginning and in the end.

While this may be true that it’s not about how you start, it’s all about how you finish, but what about that small little thing that separates or brings together the good and the bad or sometimes get in our way? You know, the little DASH that will be engraved on our tombstones in between the year of our birth and death that represents the thing we call life? What will people say about your DASH when you are gone? What will you say about it now?

Sure, we’ve all had some bad breaks, made some bad choices, had a lot of almosts and could haves just as William did and will continue to make some more. With all of that being said, as of today going forward, what will you do with your DASH?

Will you start that new business? Go back to school? Find a new career? Go skydiving out of a plane? Travel the world? Take a cooking class? Lose the weight? Will you be a change agent in your community? Give back and serve those who are unfortunate? Sulk in self pity or throw the blame on everyone else for how your life is turning out? What will you do with your DASH?

Life happens to the best of us all. Some due to the choices in which we make and others that are beyond our control. Both things occur in our lives to help prune us so we can mature and grow. We are made for relationships where we are blessed to be a blessing to others. Our life is not our own. Once we depart this life, for it’s nothing but a vapor, your vessel should be completely empty for you gave it your all, your purpose was fulfilled and those you left behind can say, “Job well done good and faithful servant.” No risk…no reward.

No man knows the day nor the hour in which our DASH will be completed. You had no control over your birth, but you do have control over your character, integrity, morals and values, turning your almosts and could-haves into checked off and done. Bad breaks and choices turned into lessons learned and opportunities for growth.

You can have a happy life from beginning to end. It’s all about your perspective, the choices you make and what you decide to do with your DASH.

Live and Be Well,


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