Mountains are not Meant to Climb Alone

Today’s Fitspiration:
Being an entrepreneur is like a mountain climber’s journey. It can be a rewarding and lonely experience because as you increase in altitude, some people will fall back as the air becomes thinner. This journey doesn’t come with a road map. You will experience bumps, bruises and fatigue along the way, but don’t let that stop you from achieving your goals or making it to the top of your game. Those who were meant to go along with you will continue the upward climb. Those who decide to go back down the mountain; it was never their mountain to climb. The greatest victory after reaching the top is not making it to the top. It’s knowing once you go back down the mountain, you can reach back and bring others with you because you know the way and didn’t give up in the process. True entrepreneurs aspire to inspire others. Reach back and be that inspiration.Print

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