Week 2-Fall Back into Fitness 8 Week Challenge

fall back week 2Good Sunday Morning. It’s the beginning of Week 2 of our Fall Back into Fitness 8 Week Challenge. I hope you were able to complete week one of the challenge. If you are just now following me or have been following me, it’s not too late to jump in on the challenge. If you’re new…welcome! Go back and read my previous post for the 8 FIT rules of the challenge. Remember, it starts tomorrow and you have until midnight on Saturday to complete the challenge.

Week 2: Some of your nutrition challenge will remain the same such as eating a healthy breakfast every morning, White Out Wednesdays, and maintaining your water intake. New this week is Meatless Mondays. We should at least incorporate one day per week where we consume vegetarian meals. Quite a few vegetables and whole grains contain a great source of protein.

Processed Pantry Purge: Processed foods and canned goods contains a lot of additives, preservatives, sugar, carbs, and sodium that are not good for us. That’s why I stress eating nutrient dense fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables. Collect these items from your pantry and donate it to your nearest food shelter. Canned goods with no salt added or in 100% fruit juice is an exception.

I’ve added a few more cardio, strength training and toning exercises to the challenge and I will post videos in how to properly do them.

Don’t forget to check in here and post your pics, workouts and meals for accountability. If you currently share your workouts, maintaining your fitness, and weight loss journey on your personal pages don’t forget to use the hashtag #fitandfinallyfree and #fitcleanandleanin2016 so people can join in on the Fit and Finally Free movement. Let’s do this!