It’s How They Roll: International Sushi Day


Today is International Sushi Day and Kroger has it’s California roll on sale today only for $2.99. Every Wednesday, certain rolls are on sale for $5.00.

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of meeting the Regional sales rep for Hissho Sushi, the brand that’s freshly made everyday in Kroger at the Farmington Blvd. location. While sushi is popular in Japanese and other cultures, it can be high in calories and sodium due to the white sticky rice, soy sauce, and other condiments which is detrimental to a diabetic’s diet or someone battling hypertension.

I went on a mission to find if there was a healthier version of sushi that could be made that was lower in calories, sodium and carbs. I found one…actually several.
Hissho Sushi makes veggie spring rolls and shrimp and veggie spring rolls out of Vietnamese rice paper. The rice paper is only 94 calories, 23 carbs, and 39mg of sodium opposed to white sticky rice. These rolls were filled with lettuce, julienne carrots, and avocado which is a healthy fat or you can add shrimp which is high in omega 3.

If rice paper isn’t your thing, you can also request a sushi roll made in brown rice or red quinoa which are healthy whole grains that are slow in digesting and spiking your blood sugar.

So, the next time you have sushi night, ask if you can have it made in rice paper, brown rice or quinoa filled with veggies, and/or seaweed and shrimp. Skip the deep fried rolls, white sticky rice, condiments, sauces, crunchy add-ons, and soy sauce then you’ll have the makings of a great sushi roll and night.
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