Rolling Through the Fairways with the Wind Under My Feet


I ran the Fedex/St. Jude Fairway 5k on April 11th through the neighborhood of Southwind and their beautiful golf course. I met up with my BGR sisters, BMR brothers, and AKA sorors for the fun, food and fellowship. For some reason, the 5k races have the best goodies lol.

It was the perfect weather and my best 5k to date with an average pace 10:26 per mile. I completed the course in 32:20 minutes. I still can’t believe it. My goal is to be able to run a 5k in under 30 mins. I was pushing myself beyond my comfortable pace, but I am determined to get better.

It’s true in what they say when you are running with others who are naturally faster than you, it pushes you to want to become better. I was out of breath towards the end, but I did it. I’m determined to be better at my sport. It’s funny saying that I even have a sport when my sport used to be couch security lol. Thank God I moved from my couch to the pavement. I know I need to work more on my strengthening, conditioning and nutrition to become great at this and for my overall health. With a patience and time, I know it will happen.

hebrews 12-1