Fantastic Food Find: Dannon’s 100 Calorie Light and Fit Chocolate on Top Strawberry Greek Yogurt

IMG_20160413_093130Today’s Fit and Finally Free Fantastic Food Find: Dannon’s 100 calorie Light and Fit Chocolate on Top Strawberry Greek Yogurt

We all know about that sugar demon that tries to come for us and wreaks havoc on our bodies and healthy eating regimens. It makes feeling giddy for a second, then leaves us feeling guilty long after having eating it. It just won’t let us be great will it lol?

Well, I’ve found a healthy treat that usually satisfies my sweet tooth, which thank God, I don’t have often. I emphasize with those of you who have this issue.

Packed with 11g of protein and only 7g of sugar, I eat this particular flavor of yogurt whenever I have a sweet tooth and I’m craving some kind of dessert. I’ll mix a few flax seeds in for added fiber and raw slivered almonds for texture.

The added protein from the almonds along with the protein of the yogurt helps me feel fuller longer and it gives me an additional healthy fat for the day. The added fiber aids in digestion which helps keep me regular.

The flax seeds and almonds adds about another 75 to 100 calories to this healthy snack or dessert which still comes under 200 calories.

I hope you’ll give this snack/dessert a try and it will satisfy your unwavering sweet tooth. Just know there are healthy alternatives out there to put that sugar demon at bay.