Leader of the Pack: I’m a Pacer Baby

Photo_2016-04-09_06-56-12_PMCompleted my 11th half marathon this morning at the Race 13.1 in downtown Memphis. This race had a very special meaning for me because it wasn’t about me today. This was my first time ever running as a pacer in trying to help others achieve their running goals. While it was slower than my usual pace and it was rough on my legs, we got the job done in meeting our goal of 2:45.


It can be disheartening when the people you’re pacing fall back due to many different reasons i.e. hills, inclines, fatigue etc, but it’s just as encouraging seeing others ahead who you can push to beat your pacing time. I couldn’t have picked a better pace team than my 2 BMR brothers Justin and Brandon who kept it moving, funny, and interesting. These 2 amazing runners,like myself, overcame major adversities which I will share within another blog post.

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Overall, I had a great weekend at the Friday night BMR meet and greet, actual race, celebratory lunch with my BGR sisters at Cheesecake Factory and meeting/seeing again other BGR and BMR runners from Little Rock, Nashville, Atlanta and New Orleans.

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