Freedom Friday:  How Do you Spend your Time? Spend it Wisely.


img_20161230_110553_873Do you spend it scrolling through Facebook when you should be applying for a new job, working on that business plan or setting new goals? In the gym, making healthier food choices, or trying something new?

Are you investing in it by pouring into other people, giving back to your community, or for personal growth?

Are the people and places in which you spend the majority of your time igniting your spirit or  dimming your light?

These are the types of questions you should be thinking and asking yourself. How am I spending my time?

Time is of the essence. It’s one of those intangibles where we think we do not have enough of it, but honestly if we think about it, we spend the most of it wasting it on people, places, things and in unnecessary situations we place ourselves in.

Whenever I walk away from having a conversation with someone, I want to walk away with us being better people because of it and feel as though it wasn’t a waste of our time.

That’s how you should approach life’s issues. After walking away from that person, place or situation, are you or the people involved better because of it or did you waste your time. Don’t let your poor investments write a check your valuable time can’t cash. Time is non-refundable.

Happy Friday!