Wednesday’s Wisdom: Who or what are you going to believe?


We’re day 4 into 365 of the new year. Some of you were proactive in making your vision boards, buying beautiful planners and journals filled with hope, goals and dreams for the new year, bought healthier foods for the month and 3 year gym memberships.

You set your soul on fire in deciding that this will be your year in which you plan on succeeding at everything you wrote down or had envisioned. Things are going great. Actually, better than expected.

Then life happened. Sigh… You get off track. You become distracted and discouraged. Fear begins to seep in through the cracks of your very soul having you to believe that you can’t do whatever your “this” is and you let it consume you.

You give up without putting up a fight because your head is bloody, bowed and your gloves and heart is worn. You become afraid and don’t want to go back into the ring for another round.

Don’t you know that fear is a liar? It is considered as false evidence appearing real. It will have you to believe you can’t do anything right because you had one bad day, meal or encounter. It will appear through the words of those nearest and dearest to you saying, “I told you so. I knew you weren’t going to stick with it.” It will cloud your mind and cause you to take it out on other people instead of placing the blame on one’s self for giving up so easily.

You have to know and own your truth. Stop giving people and situations the reins over your life telling you what you can or can not do or accomplish.

Who or what are you going to believe? Fear that’s a liar disguised as the truth or you knowing, walking and speaking in your truth? Claim your breakthrough this year. You won’t give up. You won’t give in. Negativity will fall upon deaf ears. Everything you need is already inside of you to succeed. I believe in you, but you must also believe in yourself. Breathe in success. Exhale fear. 2017 will be your breakout year. I just rhymed didn’t I lol….corny I know. 😄 As Nike says, “Just Do It!”

Live and Be Well!


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