Monday’s Motivation: Plates and Saucers


You hear me talk all of the time asking if your plates are balanced and are you practicing portion control when it comes to healthy eating. What about life’s heap of servings? You know the ordeals that tend to pile high and spill over onto other stuff on our plates and within our full lives. We don’t like our things, issues or emotions to be touched because we think we got it under control. We don’t need any help.

Half of the time, we barely can carry our mess because it’s so heavy with things falling off to the side. Our foundation isn’t strong enough for the load. We’re operating with a 1 ply spirit but have a heavy duty Chinet problem.

The more things we try and take off of our plates, we tend to add more helpings on even though we don’t need it. It weighs us down. We all need to balance our plates with the proper amount of portion control of healthy occurrences within our lives.

Take a scope of the entire table scape daily before you decide what you’re going to put on your plate. Everything isn’t meant to be digested or consumed all at once. Trying to digest some of the unhealthy things will rob you of your sleep and peace, give you an upset stomach, heartache and heart burn, migraines and diarrhea of the mouth.

Trade in your plate for a saucer. Don’t circle around and go back for seconds. Know when to say when, back up from people and life’s table. Not only will your spirit feel lighter and your day should go smoother, but you will be all the better for it because you decided when enough was enough.

Live and Be Well