Make Room For Others: There’s Room at the Top


A University of Memphis Journalism Graduating Senior reached out to me a few days ago asking if I would meet with her in person because she wants to become a health coach and start her own health and fitness blog. She heard about my story and blog from her mom and thought it would be a good idea to talk with me in how to get started. I immediately told her yes.

I believe wholeheartedly in helping others, providing mentorship especially towards young people, and not having a crabs in a bucket mentality. There’s room for everybody to make it in their respective fields without feeling threatened. Why hold on to knowledge that might help others succeed or avoid some of the same mistakes in which you’ve made?

Our young people need our help more than ever now in steering them in the right direction of their dreams. Not only should you share your knowledge and experiences, but also reveal the potential you see within them. They need people in their corner. This applies to people in general.

Of course, use your spirit of discernment because everyone isn’t for you, but most people aren’t against you either. Give without expecting anything in return. Consider it as a seed sown into fertile ground. Watch them bloom. I wish her much success after graduation and I’m looking forward in developing our relationship and reading her first blog post!

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