Monday’s Motivation: We All Have an Itch We Need to Scratch


Hello Spring! Where have you been hiding? We’re heading into the second quarter and season of the year. It’s time to come out of Winter’s hibernation of the goals in which we’ve set for ourselves. You’ve gotten too comfortable in staying with the norm without springing forward into action.

Spring signifies growth, new beginnings, and opportunities for change. Beautiful flowers are in bloom. New fashion color trends are being introduced. Sunshine filled days with the perfect patio weather are in abundance to share with friends. It also means allergy season. Who or what triggers your allergies? What are you allergic to?

Allergens such as grass, pollen, trees and weeds usually send people into a tailspin every Spring causing itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing, and rashes. Did you know people, negativity, and circumstances beyond our control could be allergens too causing you to take pills, allergy and cocktail shots i.e. alcohol just to ward off the symptoms? Triggering thoughts and emotions you didn’t know you had?

You don’t have to wait for the signs before you take action. Don’t allow negativity, people, or circumstances beyond your control disrupt your growing season. You know who and what triggers you to go into hiding or erupt like a sleeping volcano.

Nurture your spirit and plant positive seeds daily. Work your field and till your soil without looking into another man’s field. Comparing your crops or season with someone else’s robs you of reaping the harvest purposed for you.

Growth and opportunity can occur in the most unusual and darkest of places. Bloom wherever you are planted for each season teaches us a lesson and allows us to mature and grow.

We all have an itch we need to scratch. That’s our purpose coming to the surface from the depths of our soul. If anything, this Spring, be allergic to mediocrity for it’s the silent weed killer of purpose, goals and ambition. The ultimate doctor has the right antidote. All you have to do is be willing to take the shot.