Give the Gift of Presentation and Personalization


This weekend, I had the honor and pleasure to create a custom Mother’s Day Gift Basket filled and decorated with all of her favorite items, hobbies, and colors to be presented to First Lady Elder Sherrilyn Williams of World Overcomers Outreach Ministries Church during service on yesterday.


Presentation and personalization have always been the guiding force behind my business, products, service and relationships. I created this business from scratch when I started making sorority crossing gifts as presents after I graduated from college.


In 2005, I was voted as one of the Top 100 fastest growing gift basket businesses in America by Gift Basket Review Magazine. I was humbled for I was only about 3 years in business still growing and learning in an ever changing industry.


When asked about working 15 years as a small business entrepreneur in the gifting industry, I describe my business as one where I create, mend and strengthen personal and business relationships while taking the time and not the thought out of gifting.


I’ve created gifts for individuals, corporations, special events and occasions, national and industrial holidays, celebrities, world politicians and leaders.


Also, I highlight what’s unique and special about Memphis through my All about Memphis and Tennessee gifts. Allow me do the same for you, your church, school, organization or special life event. Visit my website at or call 901-794-4438 to discuss custom options.