I Ran and Had a Coke and a Smile


I ran and had a Coke and a smile last weekend at the 36th Annual Coke10k in Cornith, MS. (Not really because I haven’t had a soft drink in over 6 years lol).


Cornith, MS is a small southern town with a great and welcoming small southern vibe. Everyone who I met was gracious and had smiles upon their faces for they were happy to see 1500 runners participating in this annual race.


It was a hot and hilly race. I couldn’t get my breathing right, but I was able to push on through. Had plenty of water stops, cold wet towels, barrels of ice to cool you down, popsicles and crowd support throughout the race.


Definitely one of my favorite 10k races in which I’ve done because of the great post race party, the coke bottle shaped awards and giveaways, (each age category has more than 3 placements which is highly unusual in races but great as it gives other runners opportunities to place) and the hospitality was genuine. You really get a lot of bang for your buck because the early registration fee is only 20.00 and you get a nice tech shirt!

BGR Memphis represented in full force today where we had at least 20 women whom drove down to Cornith for the race.

I’m very thankful to the race director, M. Grady, for her graciousness towards me in the middle of getting the final details of the race in place.  People do not have to do anything for you, but I’m appreciative for when they do.


I rode down to the race with my sassy sole senior sisters and hung out with them on that day. One of them even placed in her age group. I always enjoy being with them for these 60+ ladies are fun, share wisdom and honestly make me blush lol. Don’t think because women get to a certain age, they don’t enjoy life. These women do!


Running gives me freedom. Last weekend was awesome. I definitely would recommend this race to any walkers and runners in the mid south area. Fun on top of more fun and you get a little coke bottle bling in the end.


Visit their website at or search coke 10k on facebook for more information on how to register next year.