Tuesday’s (Al)truism: Closet Issues


Tuesday’s (Al)truism: Closet Issues

Many of us are fortunate enough to have a closet full of clothes to choose from, but we also have a spiritual closet that’s full of hopes, dreams, problems, desperation, fear and faith.

What will you continue to push to the back of the closet because you think it no longer “fits” into your life? It’s probably because it’s been awhile since you’ve tried it on, you’ve forgotten all about it or you don’t want to be disappointed with the perceived outcome.

Is it out of season or bad timing? Are you so caught up in the “labels” people have called you that you no longer answer to the name that He has called you to be?

Maybe it’s time for you to reorganize your closet and do some cleaning. Some things need to be shelved and stored away for the right season. Whereas, others need to be pushed to the front of your closet so that it can be seen and in the forefront of your mind.

There are some things in your closet that are so damaged to the point it’s not fit to be donated to anyone else but needs to be thrown away into the trash of negative thinking.

What are you going to choose to wear today? Faith or Fear? Isaiah 61:3 says He will give you a garment of praise. The choice is yours. Wear it well.

Live and Be Well. Happy Tuesday!


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