It’s Ok to Pull a KD i.e. Kevin Durant: Keep Developing.

19054878_10213850455155475_1706694085932105281_oWednesday’s (Al)truism

People are in an uproar about KD leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder to go to an already stacked powerhouse team, Golden State and even comparing his move to LeBron’s when he moved to Miami to have a better chance in getting a ring as if the two situations were different. Both moves were about the same goal…to get that ring!

Look at the bigger picture people. What KD and LeBron did is no different than you changing employers for better opportunities and benefits.

KD gave Oklahoma 10 years in pursuit of a ring. He was a great leader, but you can’t lead when people don’t want to be led. Westbrook was a ball hogger. Harden was traded. The bench didn’t offer much beyond those three. KD should have left immediately after Harden was traded, but he decided to stay. He gave it his all.

In pursuing your career goals, you have to constantly develop your skills and talents in order to remain sharp. Just think about how you probably have felt on a job when you felt as though you’ve gone as high as you can go. That was KD.

Timing and researching is important when changing jobs. You need to see if there’s going to be a proper fit, your skills can be utilized well within the organization and if the timing is right in order to make your move. It just might be your competitor. Who knows?

This is exactly what KD did when he left the Thunder to go to GS. His time was up in Oklahoma, but he had to make his move to leave at just the right time. In the meantime, he kept developing his skills while in Oklahoma.

He knew GS was an organization that believed in team work, allowed their players to use their gifts and talent, and wasn’t afraid nor jealous to let others shine. That should be the standard for any organization.

KD humbly joined GS, played his game, led them to the championship and got his ring. You don’t have to like KD, but you can at least respect his decision to do what was best for his career goals. Basketball is his job.

So, if you need to pull a KD in pursuing your career goals, by all means go for it and let the negativity of you leaving that job, going back to school, starting a new business or anything else that may stall your drive in becoming a better person fall upon deaf ears.

You have to do what makes you happy and get you closer to winning that ring and winning in life. Keep developing. Keep pursuing. Keep shining. Keep twirling on your haters!

Live and Be Well. Happy Wednesday!