Now Accepting New Clients


Now accepting new clients for the following services:

•One on One Accountability Coachning
•The Healthy Budgetnista Grocery Store Tour
•The Savvy Shopper Personal Grocery Shopping
•Healthy Pantry and Fridge Makeovers
•One on One, Family and Meal Prep Party Healthy Cooking Demos
•Child Nutrition and Cooking Demos
•Customized Meal Plans
•How to Read Labels, Proper Measurements, and Portion Control

You might not be overweight, but still need to learn how to shop, eat and cook healthier meals. You might be healthy and fit, but the other areas in your life are unfit and you’re not living up to your potential. What’s really stopping you from making that healthy lifestyle change? What is it and how long is it going to take for you to realize your AHA Moment?

VISIT MY WEBSITE at for more information about my services, How to Shop and Eat Healthy on a Budget ebook, and lifestyle and wellness day planner. If you feel like you have your life together, but know of others who could possibly use my services, please share my post. I’m also willing to travel if you’re out of state or want to do a Skype session.


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