Fantastic Food Find: What’s the Skinny on Skinny Pop Popcorn White Cheddar or Sweet Cinnamon Puffs?



I’m always on the lookout for healthy snacks especially healthy snacks for kids. I know how babies and toddlers love their cheese puffs which helps them to teethe and with their hand dexterity. Have you ever tried taking a cheese puff away from a baby? Talking about having a strong hand lol. Parents are also always looking for healthy snacks to pack for their children’s lunches besides the typical cookies, potato chips, and other processed junk food.

You really can’t deny your kids from eating chips since they probably will be seeing their classmates eating chips or will ask for some, but you can find a healthier alternative.

I came across these Skinny Pop Popcorn White Cheddar and Sweet Cinnamon Puffs at Kroger during a food demo. They were on sale for 2 for $5.00. I tasted both flavors and they were good. Of course, I always look at the nutritional value and price so I can compare it to similar products on the market.

White Cheddar
White Cheddar
Sweet Cinnamon

Now, let’s take a look at Annie’s Organic Cheddar Cheesy Smiles and Frito Lay’s Cheetos Cheese Puffs.


All of the cheese puffs are regularly priced the same around the $3.50 mark. Annie’s Organic Puffs are made with real cheese, baked, no synthetic hormones, antibiotics, and certified as organic. Frito Lay’s Cheetos Cheese Puffs are not baked or certified as organic. Both Annie’s and Frito Lay have the same amount of calories (160), about 220-270mg of sodium, and fat (10g) per serving in comparison to Skinny Pop Popcorn White Cheddar or Sweet Cinnamon Puffs.

Both Skinny Pop flavors contain only 130 calories, 6-7g of fat, a low amount of sodium, carbs and sugars pet serving. See the above labels.

As you can see, just because it’s labeled as certified organic doesn’t mean it’s always better or healthier for you. You have to read your labels and make comparisons for yourself and for your children.

If I were a parent, I would definitely buy the Skinny Pop Popcorn Puffs or their popcorn in any flavor as a healthy snack and pack it within their lunch boxes. I’m sure it will put a smile upon their faces.