Elevator Promotions

IMG_20160725_154304It’s been said with each new level, there is a new devil. Not in the literal sense, but as we elevate in our personal and business endeavors there are new opportunities to grasp and learn, obstacles to step over, go around and overcome, and people who will be jealous and envious of your success because they do not have the courage to go after their own. They will try to discourage, discredit, and demote you so you can drop to their level of misery and mediocrity.

As your elevator rises, be sure to operate in excellence whatever level you’re on right now. You can’t elevate if you let others or your negative attitude make you deviate from reaching your goals. Don’t let people or situations push your buttons. Misery loves company. You have the ability to press stop or call for help before you get stuck in between floors or in a place or situation you would rather not be in.

Gather the knowledge. Ignore the negativity. Focus on your goals. Get out of your own way. Do this with a positive attitude and a teachable spirit for it will all eventually pay off in the end. This applies in all aspects of life whether it be you seeking a new career, working towards a promotion, wanting to lose weight and become healthier, thinking about moving to another city, or trying something new.

As you began reaching new levels in life, some people will get on, some people will get off, and others will stay the entire ride. Everyone you meet isn’t meant to go to the top with you and that’s ok.

Just as elevators must go up, they must also come back down. Be humble of your success,  grateful for the opportunities, share the lessons you have learned along the way, and be on alert for there will always be new passengers to come and teach us valuable lessons on this ride in which we call life. Operate in excellence. Appreciate your now.

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