My First 18 Mile Run

photo_2016-10-15_11-44-04_amDidn’t sleep well last night with the anticipation of today’s run because I knew it would be my most miles to date. My plan only called for 16, but I decided to run with Breakaway Running this morning because they were going to cover some of the St Jude route. The marathoners’ route was scheduled for 18 miles. I said oh well, I have to get back to my car anyway lol.

Running from Overton Square, through Cooper Young, Central Gardens, throughout downtown and by the River, past St. Jude, midtown, through Overton Park and back to the store again was quite an adventure, but the route was beautiful and the weather was perfect.

photo_2016-10-15_11-47-12_amThese BGR sisters and St. Jude Heroes did that today! Most of us are first timers training for a full. Surprisingly, I felt great after my run and was able to keep a steady pace for all 18 miles.

Week 11 of marathon training, 18 miles today and a total of 49 miles later, I lived to run another day.

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