Saturday Motivation: Live Out Loud!


You are the artist over your life and own the rights to your coloring and activity book. Quit making sharpie decisions that were meant to be penciled in, unglued, rearranged, erased or cut out completely from your life.

Sometimes, you will have to connect the dots, make tough decisions by coloring inside the lines or try to fill in the blanks. Life can be all that you dreamed of, hoped for and imagined. It was designed to be lived in color.

So, why limit yourself by continuing to reach for the 8 count box of crayons when back in my day you could have 64? Now, the sky is the limit where you have even more choices with 128.

Mediocrity leads to boredom and being commonplace. You don’t have to live a blue life when you were purposed to live an Azul one.

The world is your palette. Choose your crayon. I dare you to live your color out loud!

Live and Be Well. Happy Saturday!