Week 5-Fall Back into Fitness 8 Week Challenge

fall back week 5It’s week 5 of my Fall Back into Fitness 8 Week Challenge. Thanksgiving is over and now it’s time to get back on track with our nutrition and fitness game. Continue to make great choices, remain focused with the many upcoming office potlucks and holiday parties going on now and until the end of the year.

Being fit and eating healthy is a lifetime commitment. There’s no avoiding temptations or having lazy workout days. It’s up to you to dig deep and not give in. No one ever wants to go through the process in order to get to the promise. But if you knew the promise would be better health, opportunities for new experiences because of better health and a better life, wouldn’t you fight for it? Are you up for the challenge? I have my boxing gloves on. What about you? Let’s make it a great week. Videos will be posted to show you how to do the exercises of the week. Live and Be Well!