Rained Out Half Crazy Workout


The rained out workout that pushed me beyond my normal limits and got me looking half crazy:

My friend Rose asked me to join her at her gym to take a cardio class this morning since we couldn’t get our final long run in due to the weather. I said to myself, “Hey, I’m pretty fit. I’m looking to try something new. Sure, why not.” We get there and she shows me around and said let’s warm up on the treadmill before class. So, we got a one mile run in before we were supposed to hit it at 11. 

We’re all set up getting ready to start when I noticed the instructor sitting on the sideline. By looking at him, I already knew I was in for a wild ride. Immediately, I started sweating. The sad part about it is we were just stretching. Stuff I didn’t know that could be stretched lol. I’m pretty used to the workout music in my classes and the promises of a good hard workout too. You know BonJovi, Journey, maybe some Chris Brown.

No, not this instructor. He was straight hip hop cardio for the full hour on swole with the energy of the energizer bunny times 10. Got me doing 1000 jumping jacks with high intensity looking crazy knowing the track is 4 plus minutes long. Then, he had the nerve to exercise right next to me as if it was going to make me go any faster. You know I had to give him the major side eye. In other words, keep it moving to your next victim while I’m trying to breathe and not cough up a lung lol. Every workout was more intense than the next. I didn’t know if I was coming or going or if it was still 2015. I just wanted the misery to end lol.

Class ended, I survived and thought it was over. Ohhhh but no, somebody wanted to do abs. I was like huh? Were you not in the same class working out right next to me? Ok, let’s do abs Rose lol. 3 sets of 60-85 lbs weights focusing on obliques, abs, triceps and shoulders, 2 min planks, side planks, crunches, flutter kicks, and scissor kicks. 45 additional mins later, the torture ended with us going to Pyros and having much needed girl time with the promise of more torture come this Wednesday. Thanks Rose for the push, Lamar for the beat down, Pyros for the nourishment, and a couch to catch me when I fall.