Map and Define your Ideal Life, Health, and Fitness on Paper


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Map and define your ideal life, health, and fitness goals out on paper. Embrace L.I.F.E. (living in freedom everyday) Lifestyle and Wellness day planner is a 365 undated planner designed to help people create a life balance in the areas of work, play, health, and spirituality.

With it being undated, you can jump in at any time especially when life throws you unexpected curveballs.

Inside you will find:
●Daily and weekly focus
●Work calendar (schedule your appointments, meetings, events, meals and snacks)
●Inspirational quotes
●Health and wellness quotes
●Brainstorm Bubble to doodle and jot down daily thoughts and ideas
●Aha moments (what did you learn or what could you have done better?)
●Food and Fitness Forecast
●Grocery list (Helps with meal planning)
●Work and personal to do lists
●Blessing Box (Reflections…what are you grateful for?)
●Monthly Musings (Reflect upon your successes, setbacks, and the areas that need redefining so you can create a better strategy to meet your objectives for the following month.)
●Life’s Blueprint (a step by step goal setting and mind mapping model).



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