Health is Not Valued until Sickness Comes


It’s hard work being in an industry that requires people’s dedication, consistency, time, patience, trust, money, willingness to change, responsibility, accountability, perseverance, changed mindsets, and them owning their truths. I have to admit those are some pretty heavy hitters. It’s never asked of all at once, but each one will have to come to grips with it sometime or another.

Oftentimes, my head hangs low because the need outweighs the want. Health is not valued until you no longer have it and even then, people still try to put a timeframe and price tag on it. I can’t want it for them nor determine the price in which they’re willing to pay even if it means death or a comprised life.

I have to encourage myself most of the time that I am indeed operating in my purpose and serve a purpose whether it’s in what I’m doing now versus if it will be revealed to me later. It can be a lonely feeling. We all have seasons of uncertainty, but you have to keep working through yours. Seasons change us for the better. Keep persevering.