Vision casting, Healthy Living and Weight Loss Seminar

Need a jumpstart in your health and fitness goals? You have the power to execute your dreams in 2018.... It's a new year. I know some of you made a few goals and resolutions you didn't quite meet in 2017 and you've probably thought of some new ones by now. Did you know there's a… Continue reading Vision casting, Healthy Living and Weight Loss Seminar


Health is Not Valued until Sickness Comes

It's hard work being in an industry that requires people's dedication, consistency, time, patience, trust, money, willingness to change, responsibility, accountability, perseverance, changed mindsets, and them owning their truths. I have to admit those are some pretty heavy hitters. It's never asked of all at once, but each one will have to come to grips… Continue reading Health is Not Valued until Sickness Comes


Monday’s Motivation: 52 Mondays

Monday's Motivation: 52 Mondays Good morning all. Even though I dislike the term "fat" I thought this was humorous for a Monday morning lol. There are 52 Mondays in a year. How many times have you said you'll start doing better on Monday? Or you started doing better on Monday, but slipped up during the… Continue reading Monday’s Motivation: 52 Mondays


The Battlefield of the Mind: We are what we think and eat

Are you an emotional eater? Happy, sad, bored, lonely, stressed, angry or indifferent? As humans, we're a ball full of emotions. Oftentimes, we choose food to embrace, combat or fill the voids in our lives in what I call a triple threat to our health...celebration, confrontation, and consolation. Birthdays, promotions, death, arguments, work and family… Continue reading The Battlefield of the Mind: We are what we think and eat


Gone with the Wind Fabulous

As Kenya from Atlanta housewives would say, today, was a gone with the wind fabulous kind of fall day (no I don't watch the show just in case you wanted to ask lol). High winds and eventually rain made it hard to get my usual Tuesday run in with leaves and fallen branches blowing everywhere.… Continue reading Gone with the Wind Fabulous