Monday’s Motivation: Building your Dreams

IMG_20180122_100905_569.jpg“He who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration.” Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Has 2018 gotten off to a shaky start? You can’t build a sturdy house without first having the right tools to lay a proper foundation.

When I envisioned my 2018 being the year in which I would thrive and go to new places, I knew I had to prepare for when I would receive moments of inspiration, areas of opportunities and for those days of self doubt. Yes, I have those days too.

I developed a personal power pack to use as my prayer and reference guide, for when i needed to sketch out ideas or have periods of creativity, and to help me with time management.

In my power pack I have the following items:

•365 days prayer devotional book
•The Prayer of Jabez for Women book
•Oh the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss
•Oh the Places Pretty Girls Go AKA Passport Cover
•You have the potential to create beautiful things sketchpad
•Embrace your creativity pencil pouch •Embrace Life Lifestyle and Fitness Undated Day Planner (Available for purchase on my website @

As you can see, my toolbox is full. Do you have the right tools you’ll need to build and create a successful year?

Live and be well. Happy Monday!