Monday’s Motivation: 52 Mondays


Monday’s Motivation: 52 Mondays

Good morning all. Even though I dislike the term “fat” I thought this was humorous for a Monday morning lol.

There are 52 Mondays in a year. How many times have you said you’ll start doing better on Monday? Or you started doing better on Monday, but slipped up during the day and said forget it. I’ll start over on next Monday. You know there are 6 other days in the week right? Why continue the train wreck when you’re the engineer and can pull the brakes at anytime? There’s no sense in causing additional collateral damage i.e. weight gain when you don’t have to. 

Even though there will be many pit stops and derailments on your healthy lifestyle journey, maintenance, a renewed outlook on life, exercise, and changing your relationship with food should be your final destination. Don’t let distractions or life’s hiccups deter you from these goals.

Nothing will stop you if you remain focused on the promise of these things and wanting a better life if you decide not to give in to the following Monday. Live and Be Well! Have a FITabulous day!