So You Want to Get into Running.

Spring is the perfect running season and opportunity to lose a few pounds, become healthier and get moving. This informational is for people who want to learn how to walk and eventually run their first 5k, improve their fitness endurance, need to lose weight, want a training plan in running longer distances, learn how to… Continue reading So You Want to Get into Running.


What’s Your Biggest Struggle in Your Health and Fitness Journey?

Thursday Afternoon Thoughts: What's Your Biggest Struggle in Your Fitness Journey? I'm always posting about my different workouts, meal preps, running adventures, inspirational posts, health/fitness tips and what nots, but I rarely hear from you. Just because you see me working out, running and meal prepping doesn't mean I always want to or have myself… Continue reading What’s Your Biggest Struggle in Your Health and Fitness Journey?


Rained Out Half Crazy Workout

The rained out workout that pushed me beyond my normal limits and got me looking half crazy: My friend Rose asked me to join her at her gym to take a cardio class this morning since we couldn't get our final long run in due to the weather. I said to myself, "Hey, I'm pretty… Continue reading Rained Out Half Crazy Workout


Finding My Sweet Spot

I didn't feel like going to the gym today due to it being closed the past 2 days for Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year). I make no excuses when it comes to my fitness because I did manage to get a 7 mile run in on Sunday morning before church and a 3.5 mile pub… Continue reading Finding My Sweet Spot