Week 7-Fall Back into Fitness 8 Week Challenge

fall back week 7

It’s week 7 of my Fall Back into Fitness 8 Week Challenge. It’s truly been a pleasure sharing some of my nutrition and fitness regimen with you the past 6 weeks. Hopefully, after 6 weeks you have developed some healthier eating habits and a desire to workout more in becoming stronger, fitter, and heart healthy.

With that being said, our fitness challenge homework is a little tougher from last week, but you can modify the exercises if need be. Drink more water, eat a healthy breakfast to jumpstart your day and end it with a k.i.s.s. for lunch or dinner. Introducing Fit and Finally Free’s K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Salads) week. 

Create a simple green salad loaded with veggies each day for lunch or dinner and top it with a lean protein or make a light olive oil mayo or greek yogurt based lean protein salad such as tuna, salmon or chicken. Salads can be made simple with variety, nutritious, and filling.

I’ll post how to videos for the fitness homework later on today. Let’s make it a great week my FIT peeps. Have a FITabulous day. I look forward in hearing about your week!