Monday’s FITspiration: Batter up!


Like in baseball, life will throw you some fastballs, breaking balls and change ups.
Sometimes, you may get a fastball where it comes straight to you in the face, but it’s too fast to the point where you don’t see it coming.

You may be thrown a breaking curve ball. It’s not quite as fast as a fastball, but it’s just as fast. It decides to take on a different direction from what you’re used to, therefore, you dont know how to handle it and you begin to feel like you’re spinning out of control.

Life will also throw some change ups your way. Things are finally going smoothly when all of a sudden some other balls are thrown into the mix you didn’t see coming just to test your faith, patience and how you’ll handle the situation.

You step up to the plate and the bases are loaded. You may strike out, but that doesn’t mean the game is over. There are more innings to play. There are new days to come. Remember, you can handle anything that life throws your way. So, whatever your “ball” is, take a deep breath, step up to the plate and knock it out the park this week. I see a home run or grand slam in your future coming your way!

Live and Be Well,