Healthy Simple Swaps : Chick Fil A vs Me

edited_Photo_2016-02-23_08-15-46_PMHealthy Simple Swaps: Chick Fil A vs. Me

Been in my kitchen more than usual lately beyond my weekly meal prep for my clients. Yesterday, for dinner I prepared pan seared scallops over Japanese whole wheat udon noodles with napa cabbage, julienne carrots, onions, mushrooms, and sun dried tomatoes.

Tonight, I prepared sun dried tomato, basil and garlic chicken with brown wild rice, sauteed mushrooms, and my healthier version of Chick Fil A’s Superfood side salad. I cut out most of the oils, fat, and sugar that they have in their salad by using simple swaps.

They used kale, broccolini, maple syrup, canola and soybean oil, apple, distilled, and balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, dried onions, dried cherries, salt, added preservatives, glazed walnuts, glazed pecans and roasted almonds whereas I used kale, broccolini, reduced sugar dried cranberies with no artificial sweetners, evoo, kosher salt, 2 packets of stevia sugar, a pinch of brown sugar, balsamic vinegar, onion powder, garlic powder, and raw slivered almonds.

It tastes just as good as theirs, it’s healthier and a lot cheaper than their 2.49 for one very small container that’s the size of a cup. Don’t be afraid to try something new or recreate a favorite dish or meal by making it healthier using simple swaps. Eating healthy can be just as simple and delicious.