The Struggle is Real: Maintaining the Weight After the Loss

IMG_20160720_111015Humpday Ask Away

Good morning all. I hope your hump day is off to a great start. I know it seems that I have my health and fitness game on point by my workout and meal prep pics, but just so you know I still have my struggles too.

A weight loss journey is just that…a journey where you must take one workout, one meal and one day at a time. So, with that being said, let’s talk! What is your number one weight loss struggle? Is it junk food? Emotional eating? Late night snacking? Lack of time or motivation? Don’t like working out? Friends and family sabotaging your food and exercise efforts?

Let me hear from you so we can work together in taking the first step towards improving your health and fitness goals. Don’t feel comfortable in publicly sharing, send me a message but oftentimes, you’re not the only one with that particular struggle. Together everyone achieves more…Chime in!

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