Marathon Training Week 9:I Still Need Your Votes!


It’s been a whirlwind of a week. Week 9 of Marathon training.

I truly appreciate all who have shared my post and VOTING DAILY for me to appear on the cover of Women’s Running Magazine.

I can’t do it without your continued support. Every vote counts! Every day counts! Thank you all again.

•Crosstrained 4 days this week.

•Ran 3 miles on Tuesday and 7 miles on Wednesday with the 430am BGR Dark Thirty crew

•Missed my morning training run on Thursday but got to the gym that evening.

•Had to make up my missed training run and I ran 4 miles this morning on the dreadmill. Sheer torture! Watching A Different World and the Golden Girls while running couldn’t save me lol.

•Got 10 miles to do this weekend.

•I closed out the month of September with a total of 108.10 miles. Whew! No wonder a sista is tired lol. I’ve found training for a full marathon reveals a lot about yourself.

Hope you have a FITabulous weekend! Happy Friday! 💗💚