12th Half: Chicago Bound


photo_2016-09-24_03-28-17_pmHalf Marathon and Full Marathon Training Chronicles:

Just so happeningly, my 8th week of marathon training called for 13 miles today and I was able  to do it in Chicago and get rewarded for it.

It was my first time ever going to Chicago. I wanted to try the infamous Garrett’s popcorn, deep dish pizza, and see my sorority’s headquarters and I managed to do all three.

Pretty flat course with a couple of inclines. I had to dig really deep my last 3 miles, especially my last mile, because I had a goal of finishing before 2:30.

I was ahead of the 2:30 pacer for at least 8.5 miles and then I fell back. It was a back and forth war going on in my head mentally, my legs wanting to cramp, and seeing him ahead of me. I would catch up then fall back several times until I had to gut check myself at mile 12. Running is about endurance and mentally being able to overcome obstacles and self doubt.

It took everything I had in me to kick it into overdrive and run ahead of the pacer. I didn’t know how closely he was for I decided not to focus on what was behind me. Instead, I focused on what was ahead of me and that was the finish line far off into the distance.

My last mile turned out to be my best mile out of all 13.1 miles and I finished in 2:29:01.


You can’t tell me what your mind and body can’t do once you put your whole heart into it. I ran with my heart today. My heart is happy.

12th half, 8th week of marathon training and state #9 is wrap! It was a Memphis BGR takeover.


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