Long Week…So the Marathon Training Continues

img_20160921_142852Long week…so the marathon training continues. 🏃🏃🏃

•Saturday: 12 mile run with BMR/BGR

•Sunday: 4 mile recovery walk through Shelby Farms with BGR

•Monday: Speaking engagement at the VA Hospital about suicide awareness and prevention month. Thanks Montoyia for allowing me to share about losing a loved one at your program and Noah for your support and the pics. Good seeing you Yolanda and India.

•Tuesday: Visited and prepped healthy meals for my kindergarten teacher and her hubby. She was one of my absolute favorite teachers. She always gave the best hugs, encouraged and believed in me. I’ve always remembered that even though it’s been 37 years later. We need more teachers like her.

•Tuesday: 4:30 am 3 mile training run, Body Sculpt strength training and Tabata class, and a 3 mile walk/run with the BMR fellas. That last run wasn’t about me but supporting a fellow runner. It’s not always about you.

Wednesday: 4am 6 mile training run with Lakeicha, Te’Retta and the BGR Dark Thirty crew and Noon day Body Burn class of cardio, HITT and strength training. Functioned off of 3 hours of sleep this morning and not feeling my best, I had to push on through because I can’t miss my training runs. Thank you ladies for the run, company and the push. I couldn’t have done it without y’all.

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